Employment, Pension & Immigration

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Employment, Pension & Immigration

Job woes are extremely common, especially in today’s context and though they may start off as something very small at first, they can become extremely complicated if not dealt with at the appropriate time. Job-related issues (whether they are big or small), can even affect the physical and mental health of employees and therefore, they should be taken seriously and resolved as soon as possible. The pressure and workload that employees normally face at companies is hardly ever talked about and because nobody ever discusses such pertinent matters, they keep on piling up and affect the employees adversely. Similarly, when an employee retires from service, instead of being able to rest and enjoy the benefits of having worked for such a long time period, issues such as applying for pension and getting all the necessary documentation done start surfacing and they are nearly impossible to take care of. Pension-related matters are a common practice in Pakistan, especially with people who have been in government service. We understand how draining it can be trying to make the ends meet in such scenarios, and that is exactly why we are here. Ghumman Chambers believes in making people’s lives easier, comfortable and a lot less complicated than before. You are welcome anytime to come talk to our financial and legal experts, who will surely guide you in the best way possible and find out the most practical solutions for your problems. In addition, if you are someone who is facing immigration-related issues – be it the paperwork, or any other matters related to embassy or your documents, we are here to help you out.

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